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5 Reasons You Need to Try Pachamama Immediately

May 28, 2020

Buy Enjoy Pachamama at Modest Hemp Co.

Pachamama is raising the bar to new heights, and Modest Hemp has got the scoop. 

A 2019 study showed that as many as three quarters of US adults have tried CBD in the past three months.  Due to its sensational popularity, an incredible number of companies are entering the CBD industry left and right. However, many of these companies are selling their products as a miracle drug with no evidence to back up their claims. 

Modest Hemp is your trusted source for only the highest quality and most effective brands of CBD products.  We’re always working to further cement your confidence in us when it’s difficult to determine which brands are legitimate, and which just have a nice website and a touching story and cute pictures in Instagram. This week, we’d love to talk about why we’re genuinely impressed with Pachamama CBD; and why you should be too. 

Where does Pachamama come from? 

First of all, we'd like to shine light and pay tribute to the Incan Goddess in which Enjoy Pachamama established their brand name. Owners of the brand were enamored with her purpose of being, "Mother Earth." 

[1] "Pachamama is a fertility goddess whose origins are found in Inca mythology.  Her name, often translated as “Mother Earth,” actually means “Mother of All” (mama refers to a sacred female mother figure and pacha is a complex term that indicates concepts such as time and space, the Divine, earth and sacredness).[2] Although Spanish invaders destroyed the Inca Empire during the 16th-century, representations of Pachamama were preserved and continue to permeate Andean culture today, found in the contexts of art, religion and everyday life." 

So now you know the essential understanding of name, let's give you an understanding of the company's roots and background. 

Brothers and Co-Founders Ryan and Brandon Stump come from roots of true compassion and empathy for others. Being in recovery, Ryan Stump had grown to take mental and physical wellness very seriously.


First beginning with the Buckeye Recovery Network, a gold standard for aftercare in recovery, and now also working in the hemp industry with Enjoy Pachamama, this dynamic duo has created some impressive establishments. 


So how did these two enter into the hemp space? We asked the same questions when considering them as one of our vendors. After speaking to the representatives and also doing research on Their Story, the story was fairly clear,  


“It wasn’t until Brandon tore ligaments in his ankle and needed help managing the pain that he found CBD. After winning his battle to get clean, using prescription pain-killers was off the table. And when physical therapy was proving ineffective, he became frustrated and felt at a loss. At this point, he was introduced to a topical hemp CBD product by a friend.” 


After knowing a little bit about Enjoy Pachamama’s origins, we can break down a little bit more why they’re so wonderful to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. 


Their use of insane extraction technology. 

Every CBD production process begins with extraction, and any questions regarding quality should start here as well.  Pachamama is using some bleeding edge technology in this department, extracting their CBD using a patented method of precisely heated air jet bursts.  This method distills the CBD directly from the surface of the plant material.    


For context, many companies are achieving high profits using solvents or steam to extract the CBD from hemp, this comes with risks to the customer ranging from inconsistent concentrations and sub-optimal taste to the potential for heat-damage to the CBD and toxic residues. 


Pachamama’s tech is incredibly cool for a few reasons.  First, the fact that there are no solvents instantly removes the possibility of any toxins or additional chemicals being infused into their hemp oil.  The precision of the heat also prevents “burning” the CBD and ensures the cleanest, most natural 

flavor possible.


Their holistic use of superfoods. 

Broad-spectrum CBD is a great way to assist your body to perform so many functions better than it would normally be encouraged to alone.  However, that doesn’t mean that there are not additional benefits to be gained from adding other natural, super food, extracts to your wellness regimen. 


The Pachamama team recognizes this and offers products that introduce additional plants to complement several specific areas their customer might use CBD for.  An example of this is the addition of kava and valerian root to one of their tinctures.  Kava and valerian are known to promote a sense of calm, relaxation, and general stress reduction.  If you’re seeking these qualities from CBD, Pachamama’s tinctures may offer benefits above and beyond what you currently use. 

Other extracts Pachamama has blended into Pachamama’s CBD products include: 

  • Ylang ylang, known for boosting mood and sexual desires. 
  • Turmeric for pain relief and reducing inflammation.   
  • Shea butter, a natural moisturizer and skin protector. 
  • Capsaicin which dulls pain signals in the nervous system.

Pachamama has really gone the extra mile to make a product that is holistic in nature to provide benefits beyond what CBD alone is known to achieve.  We support them in this inclusive approach to cannabinoids. 

Pachamama CBD is certified USDA Organic. 

The US Department of Agriculture has [3] specific methods of production that must be followed and verified by the government before a company’s product is allowed to carry their organic certification. These standards include prohibitions on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, production methods involving solvents or radiation, and genetic engineering. 


Not-so-fun fun fact: a plethora of companies use labels like “organic” and “all-natural,” which are [4] completely useless to use as a guide.  Only the USDA Organic seal guarantees the methods and quality you would expect when considering organic products. 


Having many friends in the farming industry, this author can attest that there are a number of companies who use organic-approved methods but can’t put that on the label because they haven’t gone through the costly and intensive process of having them certified as such.  Pachamama has gone that extra mile to make sure you can be confident you’re not buying a deceptively marketed product by getting that certification for their products. 

Their Clean Label Purity Award.

There’s responsible, and then there’s Pachamama responsible. To get this award from the Clean Label Project™, a company must prove that their products conform to standards about a product’s content. This requires independent testing results for industrial and environmental contaminants. 


A concerning percentage of the most highly performing CBD products that have been tested could [5]never achieve the standards set for Purity Award distinction due to the solvents and contaminants found in their offerings.  Because of the stringent care Pachamama takes in their production and the transparency offered to their customers about how a product is made, they have achieved this outstanding independent award. 


If you’re not able to check the test results of a product, just don’t buy it.  There are so many companies that allow you to simply scan a tag or enter a batch number, as Pachamama does, to buy anything without that assurance is a waste of your hard-earned money in our opinion.


Their wide selection of different types of products. 

Not everyone is looking for a tincture, and not everyone needs a salve.  Pachamama offers both, but they also include muscle gels, vaping e-liquids, and lotions through our catalog.  It can be frustrating to become familiar with a brand as a lotion, and then find out that that’s all they have.  Now if you want to find a tincture or something to add to your vaping device, you’ll have to find a new trustworthy brand. It can certainly be expensive to test several brands to see which works best for you. 


With Pachamama, there’s far less risk of needing to branch out due to needing a different CBD medium.  With selection of more than a dozen products on Modest, you can trust that the above qualities are present in all of the Pachamama products you would like to buy. 


In a veritable ocean of frauds and fakes, Pachamama is one of the legitimate companies making a customer-focused product with the transparency and verified quality standards you’d want to see.  For that reason, we stamp Pachamama with our seal of approval, and we’re proud to be able to offer their fantastic products. 


For the latest, most complete information about hemp and CBD, keep checking the Modest Journal and let us know what you’d like to hear more about here.  

- S. Mills 



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