CBD and Sleep

December 05, 2019

CBD and Sleep

CBD and Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I dread those nights where I don’t get my best possible beauty sleep. There are those kids who pull all nighters at the birthday parties, and the ones who were asleep first and woke up with sharpie all over their face. Safe to say, I was - and still am - the latter. 

For some, beauty sleep may not come so easy, due to stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Some just have a harder time winding their down their thoughts at the end of the night. No matter what area an individual fits into, I would say a high majority of the time, people enjoy - and we all know need - their rest. 

Do you know why you need sleep and why it’s so important to our health? There are obviously a multitude of studies, but as best put by the National Sleep Foundation, “Healthy sleep is critical for everyone, since we all need to retain information and learn skills to thrive in life.” A good night’s sleep has been directly correlated to processing, restoring, and strengthening memories and thought processes. For those who struggle with this very important aspect of their lives, CBD can provide a natural alternative to your sleep routine. 

Chill by BLNCD Naturals - Why They're Different

Our favorite, direct implementation of CBD at night, is to use one of our tinctures, Chill by BLNCD Naturals. This product has literally been designed for relaxation - infusing essential oils and pieces extra compounds from the hemp plant. 

BLNCD Naturals creates exceptionally unique CBD products - and here’s how. They pull specific cannabinoids and terpenes directly from the hemp plant for their specific purposes and include that with essential oil properties as well. So when you invest in BLNCD Naturals Chill, you’re investing in a product that has been formulated very specifically for the purpose of its’ title - Chill. 


CBD Chewables and Capsules - Ease of Use

CBD chewables and capsules are what we commonly find that many use when searching for a better night’s sleep. A lot more times than not, capsules offer a quick solution late when you need it most. With options offering 10mg and 25mg/capsule and also melatonin availabilities, ingesting CBD into the bloodstream can be an effective choice. 


Pain and Sleep - Bath and Body

Some struggle with sleep due to physical pain, muscle tension, and inflammation. CBD salves, bath bombs, and lotions can ease the hemp into your Endocannabinoid System. A nice rub down with CBD before bed may relax your muscles and send your body into a much deeper sleep cycle. Beauty rest, here we come!!

Balwmer CBD’s bath bombs are one of our favorite options for late night R&R. Bawlmer’s bath bombs come in 4 different scents, with the use of essential oils which soothe the body. My favorite bomb for rest is Lavender Mint, as the lavender relaxes my mind and the mint sends a nice tingle throughout my body, leaving me feeling refreshed and brand new. Especially after a long, hard day of work. Bawlmer’s bombs are on our site for $12.99 each, making them affordable and easy to get ahold of. (We’ve got you!)

Sleep is such a huge part of life, whether we realize or not. For some, sleep can be a struggle. All we want here at Modest is to help you get to that state of R&R as easily as possible. We would like for you to eventually welcome sleep with open arms… and not be disappointed!


- B. Hale