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CBD Camping Essentials

August 27, 2019

CBD Camping Essentials

Don't let the wilderness take you by surprise

For those of you who love the great outdoors, the fresh clean air of mother nature, and sleeping under the stars, we all know that unplanned accidents, stress, and injuries can occur while traveling to - and during - the camping trip. That’s the known truth of anyone who roughs it in the wilderness. As the scouts say, “Always be prepared.” 

We ourselves very much love to enjoy the beauty of nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Along our travels, we have decided to bring many of our hemp oil based products that we carry with us and use on a practical basis. We have created a list, a curation of goods so to speak, of what hemp products can assist you on road trips that include the outdoors. 

CBD coffee for preventative care

We know; weird one to start with... Not so much though! We all know how vitally critical a hot cup of joe is on a chilly morning… no just us?

Conveniently packaged for easy travel, Pinnacle Hemp Coffee is not only a fantastic tasting coffee, but you can also get your morning started right with anti-inflammation properties of hemp oil before you get your long day started! 

Each cup of Pinnacle Hemp coffee comes with 160mg of hemp oil/packet. Roughly each tablespoon offers 10mg of hemp oil. Most people’s body can only ingest roughly 20/25mg CBD a day without discarding the rest. With that said, one cup of coffee will leave room later on in the day for more allowance if needed. 

CBD salve for sunburns, bites, rashes

During our travels, we have run across many instances in which we needed to use a CBD salve for an incredible array of uses. You’d be SHOCKED how many ailments CBD salves can assist with. 

We had put on all of the sun block in the Grand Canyon, we still had found a way to get burned pretty bad. The weather was a very comfortable 106 degrees. It was so funny because at first we didn’t even think to apply the salve. After we realized jokingly to ourselves, we applied the Unscented Salve from Helping Friendly Salve. Within a few moments, I had forgotten the sunburn had even been there. After checking a few hours later, the redness had very much dissipated. 

Do you get eaten alive by bug bites like me and want itch relief?! Yes please!! I, myself, am an incredible example of being a mosquito magnet. Even with every amount of bug spray in the can available to me, I still managed to get bit everywhere! What do I do? I use Orange Lavie by Helping Friendly to help deter the itch! 

Another amazing thing about Orange Lavie specifically? The natural orange extract works great as a natural bug repellent!! 

CBD Dog Treats for when your furry friends come along!

If you want to bring your pup with you everywhere but you find that they either can’t hang during the long car ride from anxiety, car sickness, or just boredom, these Pinnacle CBD Dog Treats just might be the change you’re looking for! 

We have three dogs that we take almost everywhere we go. We struggled for years trying to figure out possible solutions to help make their trip a little more relaxed for them from more holistic routes. The CBD dog treats are effective for a multitude of uses and applications. Our picky Lola absolutely loves these treats; which is so rare!! It takes a lot for our girl to show interest in any treats; and these sure do grab her attention. With bacon and cheese flavoring, it’s difficult to find a pup that isn’t keen on the flavor. 

Lola is a 50lb dog; so we give her three treats at a time (6mg of CBD.) We have found after monitoring her, this amount is a good start; especially if she’s particularly rambunctious. With our smaller pups (they’re both under 15lbs)  one treat is a good start and if they happen to need two, we give it to them based on their reaction. Keep in mind, your little fur babies - just like you - can’t get high from CBD . Now, they can sleep for sure, however that’s the worst that will happen from the CBD specifically. 

Last thing to keep in mind! 

Keep in mind, you'll have to keep your CBD products in cool space; even when camping. We bought an insulated bag to specifically bring our CBD products in to keep them at a moderate temperature. Don't forget to take your salve out of your hot car when unpacking! 


Happy Camping! 

On your next journey to hit the road and explore the great outdoors, consider some of these CBD wellness products to help assist you on your travels. We believe these little tips can really make a big difference in your wilderness travels.

- TT

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