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Hemp and the Modern Day Athlete

July 27, 2019

Hemp and the Modern Day Athlete

For all our athletes out there; this one’s for you. 

We all know how much of a toll active fitness can take on our bodies. It really doesn’t matter what level of exertion you perform at, especially once you reach that age! Ha! Bodies get sore, people get tired. It’s the circle of the athlete. Luckily, hemp has a lot of holistic qualities that can be a great offering for athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 

CBD Rubs and Salves

There are many CBD rubs and salves that are designed specifically to target muscle restoration. These salves often include a mint agent that allows for the sports ointment burn effect, in a natural manner. The CBD in these ointments also can calm and relax muscles after that have endured some tough strains. Between these cooling and relaxing traits, these ointments and salves are becoming vital for the routines of many active customers. Once again, the CBD in these products will not produce psychoactive effects, but rather calm and refresh your sore and tired body. 

Some of our favorite rubs include: 

Heal Salve by BLNCD Naturals is made from the highest quality hemp oil and is made to be a topical solution for many physical ailments. This salve runs from $35 on our site. Heal Salve has a few different purchase options to choose from as far as size and strength.

Cooling Salve by The Helping Friendly Salve is another product that is great for similar purposes. Cooling Salve also comes in different strengths and sizes, so be sure to adjust accordingly upon purchase. This salve starts at a cool $11.99.

A useful, daily tool for consistent maintenance is CBD tinctures. The consumption of these tinctures and edibles after performance, can have a similar calming effect and restorative use. The tincture may induce a more full-body effect, whereas the rubs and ointments are more targeted use. Many use both tinctures and ointments simultaneously to help them wind down after performance. These are not only great for the physical aspect of your athletic process, but also can help you calm your mind after some hard work. 

Some of our favorite tinctures/edibles include:

Swell CBD + Naturally Hemps are two brands provide great quality hemp tinctures and edibles in many different flavors. They’re available in many different sizes and strengths, which affect pricing but we consider both of these brands to be very affordable regardless!

CBD Bath Bombs

Another great way to incorporate CBD into your post-workout routine is to utilize CBD bath bombs. A nice hot, CBD bath after strenuous athletic performance can induce relaxation and help ease the soreness of the muscles, allowing your body to feel a whole lot better, and a whole lot less! 

A little about our carried bath bomb brand:

Bawlmer CBD offers four different scent options on our site including: island citrus, lavender, mint, sweet pea, and cool water. These different scents can provide completely different experiences so choose accordingly! These bath bombs run at $12.99 and are worth every single penny!

At the end of the day...

Athletics, fitness, and sports inevitably take a huge toll on our bodies, no matter what level we perform at. The importance of focusing on your body’s recovery process can be overlooked, despite how crucial it is. For those looking to stay on their holistic journey, or anyone who simply enjoys CBD and hemp products, should look into these different products and see if they can help this process. Many have found hemp to simply be a gift to them as athletes and we can definitely understand why. These products will have you recovering better from the body to the mind and can really provide an overall improvement. 

Thanks for reading! 


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