Incorporating CBD into your routine

October 10, 2019

Incorporating CBD into your routine

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how you can implement CBD into your everyday routine.

Often times people are worried they will not be able to add to their already hectic routines and be able to remain consistent with their CBD intake. There are different products that allow for an easy, fluid and natural transition into your day to day lifestyles, especially with the plethora of new and innovative products being introduced to the industry. 

CBD Capsules

One of the most convenient ways to incorporate hemp into your lifestyle to add one capsule (either 10mg or 25mg depending on need) in your daily vitamin routine. The hemp capsules available can easily be taken first thing in the morning with a glass of water and even again throughout the day as needed. These capsules can be slipped in with your other vitamins or taken solo and are our easiest option for getting CBD into your daily routine. Another thing we love about CBD capsules? The milligram dosage of the capsules are fairly easy to understand (for instance; 300mg/30ct container is 10mg/capsule.)

Check out some awesome varieties of CBD capsules HERE! 

CBD Tinctures

CBD can also be incorporated into your holistic routine without much added effort with a couple of drops of your favorite tinctures straight into your water bottle or Hydro Flask. Putting a couple drops of your CBD oil into your water or drink is a great way to continually add and/or adjust your CBD dosage accordingly. Maybe there is a day that you need your CBD more than usual, and on days like this you can easily pull out your tincture bottle and drop as many more droplets into your beverage as you need. If you want your tincture to blend into your drink you can match your tincture flavor to that beverage or you can use a flavorless oil to completely mask the fact that you have added anything at all.

Tinctures are the most versatile in product variations currently. CBD tinctures come in many different dosages, CBD types (full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate,) as well as flavors. 

A personal CBD favorite of ours...

A personal favorite, from your friendly hemp blogger, is Swell CBD’s broad spectrum hemp oil in Tranquil Mint. For me, an avid mint-lover, this minty oil subtly adds a kick to my H2O. This minty fresh flavor also adds in great to my homemade fruit infused waters and I get my preferred dosage of hemp oil for the day while barely even noticing. 

Buying products that you already have on or around you every day, except with hemp benefits, is yet another efficient way to incorporate your CBD into your routine. For example: coffee. CBD coffee is caffeinated too, so that you can have your everyday cup of joe with the added benefits of hemp. Along with that, simply changing your coffee in the morning for a Pinnacle CBD Coffee is an effortless option. 


Lotions and salves can be your best, daily friend

Many of us use lotion and salves, so replacing your normal lotion or salve with one that contains CBD is effortless and a change that you will not even notice making. Our salves and lotions also come in a variety of scent options and uses, so you will be feeling smooth, smelling yummy, and also getting your much-needed CBD benefits all in one place!

Our modest suggestion for the day is look into Pinnacle’s Coconut Body Lotion. If you enjoy smelling tropical and topically applying your CBD, this lotion is a great option for you. Luckily, all of these products can be found on our website! 

If you do not mind making a bit of an extra effort to get hemp into your routine, you can use essentially any product on our site. But, we get that some people want to subtly add CBD to their daily lifestyles to ensure consistency, and we can understand that. Luckily, it’s generally easy and effortless to add hemp to your normal scheduled program, especially with the products and ideas we spoke about above. This is just another reason why we love hemp so dang much! 

Thanks for reading! 

-B. Hale