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Nirvana CBD in Newsweek

August 05, 2020

Nirvana CBD in Newsweek Magazine at Modest Hemp Co.

Nirvana in Newsweek

Nirvana CBD has been making huge moves to establish themselves since their launch in 2019 as an up and coming, daily, CBD brand that anyone would feel comfortable using. Now with the most recent article in NewsWeek Magazine, “Is CBD An Effective Immune System Booster?,” this article briefly covers the breakdown of The Endocannabinoid System and how it can possibly play a part in building a better immune system. 

Read a little clip here from their article, “Once CBD links with the ECS, it begins to regulate the immune system and helps the body return to a state of homeostasis, a fancier word for "balance." 

Curious about how cannabinoids interacts with The Endocannabinoid System? Click here to learn more in depth from our blog, “What is CBD?” 

But another role that is not as frequently discussed, that is covered in this Newsweek article is how CBD acts to better defend the body against disease, which of course has been a much more popular subject due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More from the Newsweek article goes into further detail, “CBD plays that of an “immunomodulator,” which simply means that it helps the immune system respond better to antibodies and help the body ward off diseases.” 

Why this Newsweek piece is important for Hemp - Not Just Nirvana

After The Farm Bill Act in 2018, and the federal legalization of hemp, the market has been somewhat scrutinized by a portion of the public eye. A lot of this has to do with misinformation, poor representation from untrusted sources, etc. Of course, there are celebrities that have touted the importance of CBD, however the question always arises, “Is this an endorsement ad?” or, “Do I really need this?”  

When we spoke to our friends over at Nirvana, this Newsweek article came up in passing and it had just been released earlier that morning. With that being said, the crew at Nirvana wasn’t even forewarned about the article beforehand, they know no one from that corporation, and yet they received a pleasant surprise based off of a true review of product purchased off their website! That’s a remarkable testament to their brand and creates credibility in the hemp space beyond the typical endorsement or influencer. 

When people who may have been on the fence read an article from a trusted source like Newsweek, it can spark more education on the product itself. Positivity breeds positivity, right? Why not try to spread the joys of hemp with others as much as we can?! 

What is Nirvana up to? 

Nirvana CBD offers a vast lineup ranging from: CBD gummies (even with an awesome sample serve option you can find by clicking HERE), recovery and relaxation capsules, lotions, as well as a multitude of flavored tinctures!

Nirvana’s sister brand, TIMBR Organics is all new to the CBD space as well! Featuring all new products like: disposable CBD oil vape pens, new CBD hemp flower strains, and more, you can truly get an array of products from both Nirvana and TIMBR Organics alike. 

Looking for more reviews? 

There have been other media outlets that have covered CBD brands - many of which are carried here on Modest Hemp Co.!  

Do you feel more comfortable reading from those outlets over a personal blog? Check out some interesting reads featuring brands like Koi CBD and Pachamama. There you will get an even better idea of consumer opinions as well as a broader opinion from larger sources as well. Happy reading! 

-T. Thompson

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