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The Brother's Apothecary Renewing Face Cream - a Modest Review

April 09, 2021

The Brother's Apothecary Renewing Face Cream - a Modest Review

Softest Skin in the Land - The Brother’s Apothecary Review

Do you agree that when it comes to choosing skincare products the list of selection, plus added ingredients companies use can be intimidating? SAME! As CBD retailers focusing on the betterment of our life, we take our skin-care very seriously with a routine that we stick to daily.

When you’re that diligent on the health and vitality of your skin, it can be doubly scary to branch out and try a new skincare routine. TOTALLY GET IT. Finding transparent and effective products in the space that covers the needs of specific product types can be challenging. 

This blog covers how we curate CBD skin-care brands and includes a review of one of our favorite CBD skin-care products we have offered on our website: The Brother’s Apothecary Renewing Face Cream with Rosehip and CBD!  

How we choose our CBD Skincare Lines

We’re always very cautious about the CBD skin-care products that we carry on, as we know everyone’s skin is different and we are not professionals in the field. 

That being said, we have done much research in regards to the body’s interactions with CBD and how this rejuvenates the skin, and although no specific health claims can be made, promising scientific studies have shown a positive correlation between dermatology and cannabis. [3]

Although people’s reactions can differ, we go out of our way to vette the CBD skin-care products we bring aboard; making sure they meet our standards to bring you the highest quality products we can possibly find to fit a variety of skincare needs! 

When shopping for skincare products, we are searching for key identifiers: responsibly sourced, quality ingredients with transparency to back it, thoughtfully unique recipes, usefulness, and of course affordability

Read more below to learn why The Brother’s Apothecary and their incredible CBD oil face cream meets that criteria! 

Before you continue on, if you’re curious to know more about the interactions between CBD and your skin, check out our most recent blog here! 

Who is The Brother’s Apothecary? 

Owners of The Brother's Apothecary, Jesse and Shane, are brothers and co-owners of this wholesale brand. The Brother’s Apothecary began in the “edible,” market with their multi-award winning hemp beverages over five years ago, however, their roots and foundation have always remained the same and that is to, “make the healthiest CBD products in the world.”  Alongside this, both owners hold years of experience in natural and cannabis based industries. [1]

Considering The Brother’s Apothecary brought forth such a fresh perspective to the hemp beverage portion of the industry already, we realized sampling (and eventually stocking) their Renewing Face Cream would be a good decision. We weren’t wrong. 

Renewing Face Cream Review

First Impressions

Coming sealed in a 4oz, quality, amber jar and a gold lid, this beautifully neutral product is packaged exceptionally well and displays all pertinent information right from the getgo featuring: application instructions, ingredients, packaging information, and CBD milligram strength with a QR code for batch code tracking for quality assurance. 

On first inspection when opened, the scent of this product doesn’t knock your socks off like typical products, which depending on your preference, may be a plus or minus. 

When you get a bit closer, however, you’ll notice a subtly pleasant scent - allowing you to enjoy your night without a strong scent protruding into your senses while you try to relax. 

First thing we noticed when applying this product is it is on the thicker side and a little goes a long way, therefore, we’d suggest applying this product during the evening hours - at the end of your regimen. 

Absorption & Evening Application 

Many holistic-based, skin-care products have the tendency to leave residue on our skin which leaves us with a sticky, “shellac,” type of film - thus weighing down our skin. 

No matter how little we use or how long we massage into our skin, that sticky feeling just won’t go away! Sorry, we have to say goodbye!

Made universally for all skin types, Brother’s Apothecary Face Cream is unique for a variety of reasons, and the biggest difference we found was when we applied the product. 

Utilizing Rosehip Oil as a primary ingredient, known as a “dry oil,” [2] allows this smooth and luscious cream to somehow effortlessly kiss the skin once applied - leaving little to no residue whatsoever!

Renewing Face Cream Ingredients 

When reading on Brother’s Apothecary website, you immediately realize that the level of quality doesn’t only apply to the product, but the entire establishment as well. 

The Brother’s Apothecary Team wants all of their customers (wholesale and retail alike) to feel entirely confident when investing in what they’re creating. They have spent a lot of time and effort crafting this product and go above and beyond to assure the questions you may have in regards to their product(s). 

Offering an ingredient list for each product with corresponding, detailed description and photos,The Brother’s Apothecary achieves assuredness and education for their customers. 

Example shown below of half of Renewing Face Cream’s ingredients via The Brother’s Apothecary Website.

Example of The Brother's Apothecary Ingredients List


Not only does Brother’s Apothecary focus on displaying transparency in what they’re manufacturing, they also procure the best alternative ingredients to typical skin-care products that may have harmful preservatives - making their Renewing Face Cream all much more intriguing! 

Using ingredients like hibiscus - rich in antioxidants, Aloe Leaf - used for hydration, Organic Coconut Oil - used for moisturizing, and more,[2]  Renewing Face Cream leaves your skin feeling fresh, youthful and velvety soft all while knowing exactly what is going on your skin! 

Renewing Face Cream Price

Offering 200mg of the highest quality CBD oil, this product comes jam-packed with quality ingredients and retails at a great price of $29.99! Let’s just say, when looking at other face cream products online, the average rate is anywhere from $50.00-$190 and more! 

When you also consider the added ingredients of CBD isolate into the mix, not an ingredient that is all too cheap, you will see why this incredible product really does have it all and comes offered at an incredible price! 

If you’re looking for a new, well-constructed face cream using CBD all at a great price, we very much advise you to check out Brother’s Apothecary Renewing Face Cream and their entire lineup! The quality, attention to detail, and effectiveness speaks for itself and we really feel like you will be very pleased with your purchase!

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