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The Entourage Effect In Real Life

January 26, 2021

The Entourage Effect In Real Life

Expect the unexpected, believe in the unbelievable, achieve the unachievable.

This is a story of how hemp always finds a way to re-inspire me.

Being a small business owner sometimes offers its own sets of opportunities of wills to be tested. Someone once told me that being an entrepreneur is like having a toddler that never grows up. Although I understand that there is no job more difficult or important than raising a child, I do find relatable humor in the comparison. With that said, entrepreneurialism at the very least is a very trying ball of wax that pushes the best of us to the brink of collapse sometimes. 

Our first ever Modest Hemp Co. - CBD Retailer video shoot was definitely an example of wanting to quite literally throw in the towel as well as everything else we’ve worked on into a huge dumpster fire and say, “F** IT.”

The evening before the shoot, everything I had prepared for in the last few months felt like it was beginning to crumble. We dealt with last minute cancellations, running behind unintentionally due to misjudging Black Friday traffic, and of course juggling multiple schedules… all while making sure to practice the utmost safety and caution due to Covid?? SO STRESSFUL. 

The next morning my eyelids hurt like I had sand in them, I was utterly exhausted, but we had work to do! We frantically started prepping for the two models, the makeup artist, the set, the film crew, so much had to be done!

I was in the “kitchen,” running around the house like a banshee stressed like crazy, and as I was pulling out the props, there it was. At the time, it didn’t immediately click as something that I needed, but it was almost as if the universe, probably my subconscious brain, was gently reminding me what I needed. The very stuff I am promoting and selling right here….

It was a bottle of Pachamama CBD Oil Tincture with Kava Kava Valerian Root; and at the time I didn’t even think about the action of taking it, it was more subconscious than anything. I opened the tincture, dispensed two full droppers worth under my tongue while I kept about my work and the day continued. 

It wasn’t until later that evening until reflecting back on our very successful ad was filmed that the wonder of CBD reinspired me yet again. 

One of the two friends we hired that day had never used CBD or hemp products before the shoot.

That evening, she was telling me how she noticed her stress abruptly dissipated in an unexplainable and at first un-noticeable way after the CBD oil tincture she tried during the shoot, but at first, she didn’t even notice the absence of the stress. 

She said, “It’s so weird, I didn’t notice it at first and the next thing I know, I’m realizing that I’m not stressed anymore… How crazy is that.” Even though I laughed and agreed, something hit me. 

My day had literally gone the EXACT same way, yet I hadn’t noticed at all until she said something! After the two dropers of Pachamama CBD tincture, my day simply shifted to a more upbeat tone. 

It was like an, “Ah-ha,” moment, and that’s when once again, CBD reinspired me. I began to truly contemplate my relationship and reaction to CBD and hemp in general. 

I haven’t really noticed CBD tinctures, for instance, as much as I did before in terms of immediate effect because I take it every day at this point (therein lies the entourage effect - covered on other Modest Hemp Blogs). That’s when my mind began to wander more on the entourage effect. 

Even after years of being consistently, positively validated when our customers and friends review the hemp products we carry, in moments of panic and/or stress, I don’t really consider any of my personal benefits with the product, “in the moment,” because I’m typically too overwhelmed with my preoccupations to make a concerted decision on taking CBD for that specific purpose. I just do it… 

I realized then that the entourage effect was actually affecting me in a way I never considered and found that very interesting. Although I may not “notice” or “feel” the same feelings that I felt before when first introduced to CBD, I obviously have normalized CBD products into my brain as a part of my routine; whether I consciously noticed the impulse or not. Alongside that, although I may not notice an abrupt change in my mood as before, I now notice the changes later in a “retrospective,” type of way. 

I don’t know about you, but I find that concept very, very intriguing and thus why I am once again inspired by the amazing hemp plant. Thanks for reading!