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The Ever Innovating Pinnacle Hemp

September 13, 2019

The Ever Innovating Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp has joined the Modest Family 

The Modest family is expanding yet again, and I’m about to tell you all about what Pinnacle Hemp has brought in for us to share with you all. 

Who is Pinnacle Hemp? 

Based out of Joplin, Missouri, owners Kevin and Jessica Lacey have been diligently creating and manufacturing the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil based products since 2016. The husband and wife team started their hemp journey from a source of desperation with their daughter, Kenzie. (Read Kezie's full story HERE.)

She was 13 at the time and had been suffering with epilepsy since she was 9. Modern medication was working but it wasn't allowing her to live a quality of life that her parent's so desperately were looking for. After searching for holistic alternatives that wouldn't wind her up in school, "high every day," they eventually found CBD. Kevin did his research and eventually Pinnacle Hemp was born. 

The craziest part? 

"When she started using CBD, she almost instantly quit taking her ADHD medicine and her self-esteem went up a lot. Later, she completely weaned off her seizure meds and has been seizure free for over 3 years. Yes – the meds would save her from having seizures, but CBD saved her self-esteem. She is back to being the outgoing, too talkative, super emotional girl and I wouldn’t want her any other way." - Kevin Lacey


Pinnacle Hemp's Innovation

There are many “traditional” forms of CBD hitting the markets right now (tinctures, salves, gummies and capsules), but as we turn this corner into our new hemp friendly era, some vendors are announcing and launching new product innovations every day. Pinnacle has launched a line of products that are unique and creative for more specific purposes. Here at Modest Hemp, we of course praise the genius in creation and had our socks knocked off with our good friend's unique hemp line, starting with their approach with CBD coffee.

CBD Coffee

Come on now, I’m sure most of us can attest to being in love with our hot (or icy) cup of joe in the mornings. Now imagine adding the benefits of hemp to that daily intake of deliciousness. The great part about this type of product is that it blends your CBD intake into something you may do on a regular basis, regardless, making it effortless and great tasting. Imagine! A hectic morning balanced out with not only your everyday cup of coffee but with the balanced mental state thanks to the hemp infusion. 

CBD Dog Treats

We are stoked to be able to finally be able to provide you all with CBD doggy treats from the one and only Pinnacle Hemp.  Like coffee, we know how many of us out there are completely head over heels with our pups. Imagine being able to provide the same benefits you take from hemp and give them to your dogs! Now we can and we couldn’t be happier! These treats have personally helped the Modest Family’s pups with anxiety, stress, and behavior issues. Not to mention, they’re yummy too! Or so they seem to be. (We haven’t eaten any ourselves, but the dogs seem to think so!)

CBD Honey Sticks

Next on this list: honey sticks! Good for adding to so many daily beverages. Maybe coffee isn’t your thing, but tea is; these honey sticks are great with both! We have personally used these honey sticks when we’ve had a scratchy throat from a cold or allergies and we’ve noticed the difference; for sure. For whatever reason you may use and love honey…. your honey has just been upgraded. 

CBD Lotion - Scented and Unscented

Before we go, here’s one last exciting addition: Pinnacle Hemp’s Body Lotion. This luscious, CBD body cream is a wonderful addition to your skin care regimen. Coming in scented (coconut) and unscented, Pinnacle Hemp’s full spectrum body lotion rehydrates skin. One awesome, useful tidbit? Any tattoo lovers out there should consider the Unscented Body Lotion. We use it for our tattoos and we see personally that it revitalizes color much better than most creams we’ve used in the past. 

It's no surprise that Pinnacle Hemp is one of the most popular brands on the hemp market. 

The team at Pinnacle Hemp have been partners and friends of ours on many other occasions over the years and we are proud to bring them officially into our Modest Family. 

As we grow, we continue to search high and low for products that will knock our socks off (and yours), as well as provide diversity to our product line up and be useful for those looking for alternatives and other CBD avenues. Pinnacle Hemp has definitely done their research and searched for inspiration in a lot of great places and they’ve allowed us to provide you with an even greater quality hemp experience. 

Thanks for reading! 

B. Hale

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