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The Helping Friendly Co.

August 16, 2019

The Helping Friendly Co.

Helping you on your Hemp Wellness Journey

Here at Modest Hemp, we do our research. We have tested out plenty of hemp brands and chosen only our favorites to represent us and our vision. Sometimes, however, the products we carry come from our own personal journeys while growing in the hemp world ourselves. Some of the best products we stock on our site and in our starter box are the ones that were found first through our needs beforehand. 

One of our reputable brands is the quickly growing and very good friends: Helping Friendly Hemp Company! Helping Friendly Co is a hemp oil based manufacturing company that first originated with their renowned salve and have now expanded. They offer a beautiful array of hemp oil based products perfected down to the very detail. 

Helping Friendly Co. Origins

A suffering founder, Rob Robar, was looking for a holistic option to aid his pain relief. After many failed attempts at finding a proper remedy, Rob decided to take matters into his own hands, producing a hemp extracted topical that finally gave him true results. After years of consistent research, education, and training to its roots, Helping Friendly Co. is the company it is today and continues to become. We are so excited to be partnered with such a great company that is deep rooted and continuing to grow as this one is. 

How Modest and Helping Friendly Co. came together

Helping Friendly Salve assisted one of our founders in her knee recovery. In all reality, that’s actually what sparked our interest in Helping Friendly Co. being the original brand we stock on our site. Their Cooling Salve was the only product that could offer her alleviation; minus the icky pain pills she was prescribed, of course. 

Funny enough, it took months for her to even realize that the brand was manufactured by her mutual friend and she started purchasing the products retail herself. After months of buying the product herself, she realized that the brand was affiliated. Months later, Modest Hemp began. 

Why we love Helping Friendly Co. and their products

Helping Friendly Hemp Co. encompasses a “feel good vibe,” in all that they do. From their obvious commitment to helping their customers to their catchy packaging, it’s evident that they’ve got something special going on that is powered by, what they call, an, ‘obsession,’ towards hemp and the holistic journey. Not to mention, Helping Friendly also has an incredible affordability factor, making their brand even more enticing for many. 

Helping Friendly Co. and their offerings at Modest Hemp

We offer a wide variety of different Helping Friendly Hemp products on our site. Their powerful salves really caught are the talking point currently, however Helping Friendly offers more than just their salves!

Helping Friendly Salve

Helping Friendly has 4 different salves on our site: Original, Unscented, Orange Lavie, and Cooling. These salves are created with the purpose of alleviating stress in the area of the body it’s applied to. We find that customers experience immediate satisfaction with this product. We love the scent and “non-scent” options provided. We offer a 1oz travel size in 50mg for $12.99 and 4oz regimen size at 200mg for $44.99. Please be sure to pay attention to mg and oz when purchasing! 

Helping Friendly Tincture

When it comes to tinctures, Helping Friendly has used hemp oil distillate to provide an edible extract with the intention of aiding in the relief of different stressors from the mind to the body. These tinctures come in 3 different options: Original (unflavored), Mango, and Strawberry. Though the flavors are savory, some really love the original taste of the hemp distillate as well. These tinctures also come in different sizes (15ml + 30ml) and doses (500mg and 1,000mg) so be sure to be aware of your choice at purchase and run through the best options for you. 

Helping Friendly Chewables

You won't find another chewable like Helping Friendly Co.'s on the market. Offered in 150mg/pack and 50mg/piece, Helping Friendly chewables are meant to be broken up by bites. Powdered with broad spectrum powder and broad spectrum oil baked in, the taste and effect of these gummies are some of the best yet. The Helping Friendly Chewables are offered in: strawberry, green apple, mango, and grape. We prefer to use these chewables under dire circumstances: anxiety attacks and necessary sleep or just after a long, hard day. 

Helping Friendly helping thousands

Helping Friendly is spreading their knowledge, passion, and love for hemp like wild fire. From their already very popular salves to their up and coming tinctures, Helping Friendly Co. clearly has a vision and we are here for it! Visit their products on our site today!


Thanks for reading!  


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