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Up and Coming Brands of 2020

January 09, 2020

Up and Coming Brands of 2020

Up and coming CBD brands of 2020

2020 is HERE and the CBD industry is just getting started. 2019 brought the industry plenty of innovation and excitement and going into the new year, we have so much to be excited about. If you’re looking for five key brands to take a look at in 2020, read below! 

Today, when walking into 2020, we are super stoked about the following brands: Pachamama Wellness, Helping Friendly Hemp Co, BLNCD Naturals, El Gallo CBD, Savage CBD, and Mint Wellness. Hang around for a few paragraphs to find out why!

Enjoy Pachamama

Enjoy Pachamama offers a truly unique array of very effective products. With incredibly unique and studied tincture options like Black Pepper Turmeric, Goji and Cacao, Valerian Root and Kava Kava, Green Tea and Echinacea as well as their specially formulated Icy Muscle Gel, you really can truly see the quality behind what they do.

Pachamama sees themselves as, "pioneers and protectors," of Mother Earth. We thought we'd describe their incredibly beautiful position on the hemp plant, and Mother Nature in general, however, considering they wrote it best, we thought we'd quote them from their, 'Our Story,' page instead, 

"The Pachamama brand cultivates the nurturing power of Mother Earth through our dedication to providing products that support a healthy you – so you can feel good, live fully and inspire others. We take pride in protecting nature and pioneering our craft." 

A more advanced buyer of wellness products in general would absolutely love Pachama Wellness products. Those who already focus on natural remedies and wellness solutions, Pachama will definitely be a great fit for your regimen. 

Helping Friendly Hemp Co. 

Helping Friendly Hemp Co. was a huge discovery for the Modest Family. Their compelling beginnings and a passion for constant education discovery in the hemp space is inspiring. 

A suffering founder, Rob Robar, was looking for a holistic option to aid his pain relief. After many failed attempts at finding a proper remedy, Rob decided to take matters into his own hands, producing a hemp extracted topical that finally gave him true results from inflammation relief, to pain relief. 

Helping Friendly Hemp Co. encompasses a “feel good vibe,” in all that they do. From their obvious commitment to helping their customers to their catchy packaging, it’s evident that they’ve got something special going on that is powered by, what they call, an, ‘obsession,’ towards hemp and the holistic journey. Not to mention, Helping Friendly also has an incredible affordability factor, making their brand even more enticing for many.

Currently, we offer a couple of different Helping Friendly Hemp products on our site. Their powerful salves really caught our attention, as well as their proprietary cannabinoid blends in their broad spectrum tinctures. 

Helping Friendly Hemp Co. has 4 different salves on our site: Original, Unscented, Orange Lavie, and Cooling. These salves are created with the purpose of alleviating stress in the area of the body it’s applied to. We love that each product has a purpose and assists in different areas. For instance, rub a small amount of the Unscented Salve on your pup’s paws! Or, with Orange Lavie for instance, the orange extract has been shown to help deter bug bites with our customers! 

Lastly, but also very importantly, all of these salves also come in different milligram doses and container sizes so please be sure to pay attention when purchasing! 

When it comes to tinctures, Helping Friendly has used hemp oil distillate to provide an edible extract with the intention of aiding in the relief of different stressors from the mind to the body. These tinctures come in 3 different options: Original, Mango, and Strawberry. Though the flavors are savory, some really love the original taste of the hemp distillate as well. These tinctures also come in different sizes and doses so be sure to be aware of your choice at purchase and run through the best options for you. 

We know Helping Friendly Hemp Co. is a great choice for the community to have access to and we are super excited to bring them onto our website and introduce them to you all. 

BLNCD Naturals

Next up, we’ve got BLNCD Naturals, a women-owned hemp company that will have you raving. Three women, ready to take on the cannabis industry have banned together and brought a vast variety of skills to the table. From a yoga and meditation instructor to an esthetician and entrepreneur, to a aromatics expert, these 3 women have literally brought it all to the table: every aspect of a great CBD company, that is. 

What you’re really going to love about this company, is that they farm their cannabis with absolutely no GMO’s, always responsibly farmed hemp, and wild-crafted premium ingredients.

BLNCD prides themselves in their 3rd party testing with every batch, to ensure for their customers completely non-biased, amazing products.

As far as their products go, we love how they incorporated a hemp infused massage oil! They also offer awesome CBD roll-on oils for on-the-go, bringing a convenience factor to the table. BLNCD also has salves, lotions, and other body oil options. These 3 women have really brought the luxury and relaxation factor out of their products and we love that, I mean, who doesn’t?

They are really taking off with their unique focus on self-care, and we know that they are going to continue to make noise and leave a great impression on their consumers going forward. 

El Gallo CBD

El Gallo CBD brings a bit of flair to the CBD space. Located north of the Southern California border, the owners got creative with their name, “El Gallo.” In Spanish, El Gallo means “the rooster” which is also Mexican slang for “marijuana.” El Gallo is definitely bringing some big swagger into our line-up this winter, and some great products as well. 

El Gallo is sure to use only full spectrum CBD for their products, and pride themselves in being lab-tested and offering multi-award winning products. Their biggest products are their body balms and tinctures which are a proven WIN! 

El Gallo’s Full Spectrum, Natural Strawberry tincture came in 1st place at the 2019 WeedCon Cup this last year! Using their full spectrum base alongside an olive oil base as well as organic, naturally strawberry flavoring, their tinctures will be sure to wow you. 

Savage Enterprises

Savage Enterprises (also known as Savage CBD) is yet another epic company we are juiced about. Each batch of hemp oil  is carefully lab-tested “to ensure quality, consistency, taste, and authenticity.” Savage CBD is a proud company, as we are proud to cater them to you.

What we really love about Savage CBD’s product selection, is that it’s vast and focused on uniqueness. Not only do they provide tinctures, topicals, and gummies, but they’ve also provided the CBD industry with dog treats, dog shampoo, CBD infused aloe vera, epsom salts, and hemp-blessed sunscreen. What better way to soothe and protect your precious skin? 

CEO and owner, Chris Wheeler is constantly recreating himself. Through his company’s outreach, education, and innovation, Savage Enterprises continues to impress. 

Mint Wellness

Mint Wellness CBD is a contemporary, visual wellness company that prides itself on its research and development in the hemp space. With the ever growing uses of CBD, Mint Wellness is taking a fresh look at things. They’ve created products from the fantastic hemp plant alongside elements like cedarwood, lavender, tangerine, eucalyptus. 

Their CBD gummies are also one of our favorites of all time thus far! Offered in Tropical Mix at 10mg/gummy, Mint Wellness CBD gummies are sugar granulated and offer hardly any bitterness. 

2020 begins

All of these companies are bringing huge things to the hemp industry, and we are excited to incorporate them and their products into our website, as well as watch them continue to grow and inspire us all throughout the year to come. Each company’s unique products and background stories have inspired us to reach out more and more outside of our comfort zone and in turn allowing us to bring you so many new additions to your hemp wellness regimen. 

-B. Hale

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