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What CBD Product Should I Buy?

July 15, 2019

What CBD Product Should I Buy?

You want CBD products, but not sure which ones to start with? 

CBD products (cannabinoid oil stemming from the hemp plant; also referred to as hemp oil based products) share their array of benefits and also many questions. We know; we were there with you ourselves to begin with. Our Story briefly covers our confusion with hemp products and the frustrations we faced when first trying to venture into that realm ourselves. 

It actually started more along the lines of intense curiosity, however there was a definite hesitation. We, just like so many others nationwide, were curious in CBD and hemp oil products, but we didn’t trust many sources or didn’t even know where to begin. 

If you've read some of our blogs you hopefully have caught up on our earlier blogs on our site, (if not, and have more questions about CBD and want to read our general, intro blogs, click HERE) we can go into a little bit more detailed questions. 

A lot of people have asked, “What CBD Product Should I Buy?” 

Well, with the expansion of CBD (hemp oil) recently becoming a popular use as a base in a multitude of daily wellness products, the vast availabilities offered on the market are quickly becoming almost endless. From facial serums, capsules, roll-ons, and much more, hemp oil based products are expanding rapidly; which is awesome news for you! 

We think of our products more based off need of use rather than "type," as different types of products can cover an array of needs in the hemp world. 

We will cover the following product needs with you: 

Everyday Use Products

Specific Products

General Wellness and The Journey Entry Box

Everyday Use Products 

For those dealing with consistent stress, anxiety, chronic aches and pains, typically turn to regimen based products to relieve their ailments. The same applies to our Hemp Wellness Regimen: education, consistency, and enjoyment. Key factor for everyday products: consistency. 

Everyday products are more regimen based in general. These are the same products that show a better pattern of results when used consistently, however they are simple and easy to continue as a regimen. Keep in mind, most people need about 20-25/milligrams of CBD a day. Some people differ when dosing by a small margin between more or less. 

So, what products fit into the Everyday Use category? We’ll show you some. 

Sublingual Tincture: these products are MCT oil based or hemp oil based and/or with hemp seed oil. They are typically a flavorless or flavored additive to be used under the tongue and swallowed or added to water or food. 

Exact Dosage is difficult to perfectly achieve, but here’s how you calculate the milligram per dropper. The milligram strength per dropper is based off of this calculation: milligram strength/bottle millimeter size of bottle. Still a little confusing? Here’s an example: a lot of tincture products come in 1,000mg and in 30ml bottles. The math would be: 1,000mg/30ml = 33.3mg/dropper. 

Many enjoy tincture products because they’re also used in more immediate situations. A quick dropper under the tongue is sometimes what’s called for in certain circumstances. Also, it’s oftentimes our customer’s favorite additives to beverages. Strawberry Tincture by Naturally Hemps with an ice cold glass of water is one of our favorite refreshments on a hot day.  


Although tinctures have been said by our users and our personal use to offer more immediate assistance, many still prefer to use both a tincture and another regimen based product (more examples shown below) as a backup. 

Capsules: these products are convenient and are typically water soluble, gel capsules with hemp oil. Manufacturers are now offering other supplements along with the benefits of hemp. Typically, these capsule are 10-25mg a piece but are listed as how many milligrams of hemp oil (CBD) are per container. For instance, if there’s 30 capsules and each capsule is 25mg, the product will be listed at 750mg as the product title on our site. 

Chewables: these products are tasty, convenient and also bring the added benefits of hemp oil. Similar to a, supplement gummy in the sense that the benefits of hemp oil are comprised in one tasty chewable with the benefits either baked in or powdered on. The milligram dosage is the same as the capsules above. 

Specific Products

Specific products are just that; specific. They don’t necessarily fit into one category of aid, however they do have more specific intents of use. The consistency of use changes depending on the product specifications and of course, on your specific needs. 

Here are a few examples of Specific Products

Salves: hemp oil salves are used as a topical designed to aid exterior relief.  Along with hemp oil, ingredients from these products can range beyond using other wellness properties such as: therapeutic massage oil, arnica, lavender, and much more. There have been many customers that have told us that their hemp oil slave has become a consistent used product in their lifestyle. 

Roll ons: hemp oil products are a great addition to any daily regimen. Easy to carry around in a purse, pocket, briefcase, etc., these rollons are designed to help assist with a multitude of ailments ranging from swelling, stress, and so much more. The specific intent of roll ons are more often used for pinpoint, trigger points in areas that cause tension headaches, knots, and swelling. 

General Wellness and the Journey Entry Box

General wellness hemp products can be surface level focusing more on general skin care, providing a relaxing routine. The varieties are used just as the everyday products you use now, however, they deliver the nutrients that hemp oil brings. 

Examples of General Wellness Hemp Products

Bath bombs: infused with hemp oil is one of our favorite ways to get a great night’s rest. It’s the same as any bath bomb; just awesome because of hemp oil. 

Skin care serums & more: are now even better for your skin care routine with the added benefits of hemp. There are some fantastic products on our site that our staff here loves for their daily, skin care regimen. 

Want access to all of these types of products and don’t want to deal with sifting through the information? The Journey Entry Box is your best bet. 

Some people will read this blog and say, “I need all of these products and don’t want to deal with the headache.” Awesome. The Journey Entry Box offers the needs of everyday products as well as some general wellness products and staff picks that come monthly at a modest price. Check out the Journey Entry Box  by clicking HERE. 

So basically… what we’re getting at here

There are many options on our site and we all are looking to fill certain needs when shopping online. Hopefully this blog has helped better educate you to assist in making the best purchasing decision on what products specifically work best for you. Thanks for reading! 

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