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What the Hemp is CBD?

June 26, 2019

What the Hemp is CBD?

What the Hemp is CBD?

There are so many questions in the world of hemp. When we first ventured into a more holistic hemp lifestyle, we didn’t really know anything ourselves. 

What was this plant that everyone was raving about? Was it actually helping people? We had to know more all about all things hemp. Little did we know, that would open the Pandora's Box of knowledge for us; and now for you too!

Throughout our journey, we have realized that there is a real thirst for education; a need for the right information. That has been clearly communicated to us by many, but the problem is; most don’t know of many trusted sources.

And that’s where we wanted to assist. With the launch of our website and our Modest Journey starter box, we have the opportunity to inform on a more national scale. The inspiration behind this website from the beginning grew from a lack of resources for ourselves; so what better way to give back than to help inform properly?

With that said, we wanted to focus on what we have referred to as our: Hemp Wellness Regimen: education, consistency, enjoyment; with education being the roots.

So here we have it folks: our first round of journal entries. What the Hemp?! has been written to help answer the general questions we all ask.

We are going to cover the following with you:

  • What is hemp and how does it differ from marijuana?
  • What is CBD and how is it related to hemp?
  • What are the CBD types and why are the distinctions important?

What is hemp and how does it differ from marijuana?

So many people ask the age old question: ‘what is hemp?’ then quickly followed up with, ‘Will this get me high? Isn’t hemp the same thing as THC?’

The answers to the follow up questions above are both, “No and no,” just for clarity.

Obviously these are very loaded questions and of course, there are many more than just those questions associated with the term, “hemp.” There are so many questions, in fact, that we could write on this subject for decades, but for simplicity purposes we’ll cut this down to the footnotes to start with the base information. Keep in mind, this first journal is a broad stroke, footnote, version of the science of cannabis.

Let’s rewind really quick and explain, the meaning behind each “term:” cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. This distinction is the first and one of the most important to begin your journey. Cannabis, hemp, and marijuana are all different, however every product you see, whether for recreational or holistic purposes, revolves around cannabis.

Cannabis is the classification of the plant family with various categories underneath:

Hemp (also known as Cannabis Ruderalis) is simply a category from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp does not get you high and has been used for thousands of years by humankind with uses ranging from clothing, construction materials, pet products, and many have used hemp for holistic purposes

Marijuana (scientifically and technically called THC) is another category from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Both hemp and marijuana share the same plant family origin of Cannabis Sativa, however marijuana is also under a different plant family not associated with hemp labeled Cannabis Indica.

There are many strains under the marijuana category that range in THC % however there is some sort of “mood altering” effect with these categories, more often referred to as, “psychoactive.”  THC has its’ own holistic properties as well, however for the purposes of Modest Hemp, our journey, our educational focus will be geared towards hemp and its’ purposes.

Quick recap in much shortened terms? Essentially, hemp is its’ own plant and marijuana is its’ own plant all under the cannabis family. Hemp and marijuana look similar to the untrained eye however there are physical differences as well as chemical compounds that make them their own plant. Most importantly: hemp is not psychoactive and marijuana is.

What is CBD and how is it related to hemp?

Cannabidiol (more often referred to as CBD and now becoming more commonly known as hemp oil) is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Sounds confusing right? Yeah, we thought the same thing.

It’s not all that confusing now because you understand what hemp is.  And if you are overwhelmed and need a reminder here it is: hemp (Cannabis Ruderalis) is a category from the Cannabis family that is not psychoactive.

First it's important to understand the term, “cannabinoid," and how it not only applies to cannabis but also to hemp! Cannabinoids are the chemical molecule that make up the hemp plant.

Out of the entirety of the hemp plant, CBD makes up about 40% of the hemp plant itself. Once again CBD is a type of cannabinoid. These chemical molecules interact with different areas of your body, or the, "Endocannabinoid System," and have been used by humankind for thousands of years to shed light to inflicted areas; and has evolved to where we are now. The science is truly endless. 

What are the CBD types and why are the distinctions important?

Currently in the CBD market, there are three CBD types or variations that can be found: isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. The variations are slight, however, to some consumers, it is important to understand the difference.

First, you’re probably asking, “Why? Why do the distinctions matter?” Well, the components that make up each type may be a determining factor to which type of product you decide to purchase. For instance, there are many people that prefer products with 0% THC for a variety of reasons. 

The easiest comparison that we’ve come to when explaining the different types of CBD to others is to think of the products as orange juice in reference to pulp...

You know; you can go to the grocery store and buy your OJ with the following options: high pulp, medium pulp, and no pulp. Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate are similar in theory (without the physical pulpy feeling when ingested, more in terms of “nutrients,” so to speak.)

Keep in mind, this is only for comparison and easy to understand purposes. By no means are we saying that orange juice and hemp offer the same nutrients or stating health claims.

Full spectrum CBD (hemp oil) would be considered “high pulp,” which incorporates all cannabinoids from the hemp plant including trace elements of THC (all products sold in the US can have an allowable .3%). Full spectrum is a higher grade delivery system in the sense that the THC is a “enhancer,” to the cannabinoids. All of the cannabinoids and the THC work together to enhance the therapeutic benefits of each cannabinoid.

It is extremely rare that anyone finds any, “mood altering” effects from the trace elements of THC that are found in this product.   

Broad Spectrum CBD (hemp oil) would be considered “medium pulp,” which incorporates all cannabinoids from the hemp plant except the THC. This CBD type is fairly new to the hemp world, and is becoming a fairly popular alternative to people who are looking for the cannabinoids from the hemp plant only.

Isolate CBD (pure isolated CBD) would be considered “no pulp,” which means that all cannabinoids are extracted out of the CBD along with the THC. Only isolated CBD (the one cannabinoid) is found in this product alone. Some prefer straight isolate product because they want absolutely no risk with THC for any reason.

Other hemp strains are important to consider as well and aren't fully related to the CBD types above, however other hemp strains are now becoming more available as the science progresses.

When you think of products that are made up of other cannabinoids, CBG for instance which we've expanded on in another entry HERE!

How this information assists you

Throughout our website, you’ll find products listed with the ingredients for each product. In that list, you’ll see what type of CBD product type that the product is made in. Based on your preference, or just in general your knowledge, this may help you make the best educated purchase for your needs.

What we’re getting at is: each person is different. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to find their preferred: CBD type, uses, applications, etc. It is our goal that during your wellness journey we help you find some answers to the questions you’ve been asking and also assist you in better navigating through our site with this information.

It is our greatest pleasure to further distribute proper education to our consumers and the public. Hemp comes with so many benefits and the knowledge is vast. We hope that this entry has better assisted you with your understanding of hemp and the differentiations that underlie along with it.


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