Helping Friendly Hemp Co.

Helping Friendly Salve at Modest Hemp Co.


We at Modest Hemp will always hold the people at Helping Friendly Salve very close to our hearts. This is the brand that first opened our eyes to what CBD could do for us! Starting our journey with them has been a true pleasure and our business wouldn't exist without the support of their incredible team. 

Helping Friendly Salve is an affordable line of topical CBD salves, but the roots run deeper than that! Now available is their hemp flower line even featuring CBG hemp flower, White CBG. 

Check out a quote from one of our Modest Journal blog posts covering The Helping Friendly Hemp Brand. 

"Helping Friendly Hemp Co. encompasses a “feel good vibe,” in all that they do. From their obvious commitment to helping their customers to their catchy packaging, it’s evident that they’ve got something special going on that is powered by, what they call, an, ‘obsession,’ towards hemp and the holistic journey. Not to mention, Helping Friendly also has an incredible affordability factor, making their brand even more enticing for many."