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Crystal Rising - Cleanse and Protect Ritual Kit

The Cleanse and Protect Kit from Crystal Rising is an extra powerful kit and is designed to help clear, reset and protect your energy with all the holistic necessities in one, beautiful assortment. 

We are vibrational beings and we collect energies all throughout our daily life. We create our reality through that energy and it is our duty to protect it! Featuring selenite, obsidian, black tourmaline, Organic White Sage wrapped in rosemary, Palo Santo, and more, this sustainably curated kit holds extra strong cleansing properties that will help you during your smudging rituals!

Kit Includes:

  • Crystal and product guide on back of product
  • Organic Northern California White Sage with Rosemary
  • Sustainably harvested Palo Santo
  • Selenite
  • Obsidian
  • Black Tourmaline

Made in the USA
Made with small batch practices
Packaged in a rice paper bag with a clear plastic front

Sage with rosemary - cleanse and protect your atmosphere to create your highest potential with the extra powerful cleansing energy of sage and rosemary
Palo Santo - burn slowly to cleanse and protect your atmosphere to create your highest potential - create a positive vibe and a creation mindset
Selenite - fosters intuition and eliminates negative energy
Obsidian - truth enhancing, strongly protective
Black Tourmaline - supports mental detoxing

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