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Crystal Rising - Palo Santo & Hand-Lettered Card

This adorable and thoughtful Ethically Sourced Palo Santo with Hand-Lettered Card from Crystal Rising gives you, your friends, your family, the gift of cleansing energy with clarity and positivity. Being known for its consistent use in smudging practices, Palo Santo can be wonderfully coupled with sage to cleanse your space!

Crystal Rising proudly sources only sustainably harvested from curing on the forest floor for 10 plus years after a tree naturally falls! 

For a full kit, check out Crystal Rising's California Sage with Hand-Lettered Card HERE!  

Untie your bundle and remove all decorative ribbon
Indigenous smudging does not incorporate butane lighters, matches are suggested
Light Palo Santo for about 30 seconds and safely blow out
Set your intentions and let smoke linger for 1-2 minutes per space
Repeat process by walking from space to space of home
Do not extinguish with water
When finished, place Palo Santo in appropriate dish to smolder out 

(Accessories in photo not included with purchase) 

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