Foundry CBD Hemp Flower - Electra PreRoll

Electra Hemp Flower Pre Roll by Foundry offers a beautifully deep smokeable experience and convenience with a pre-rolled option! There are big notes of sweet grape and candied strawberry combined with sugared cream, and sharp pine. This hemp flower was organically grown, slow cured, and hand trimmed. 

This product comes in a single, pre-roll option
Smokeable hemp flower
No mind altering affects - used for relaxation

Total CBD: 14.7%
Delta-9 THC: .263%
Pine, Earth, Fruit, Sweet
Dominant terpenes: Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, Guaiol
Exhibits shades of bright green and gold, accented by the hints of brownish-orange pistils and the occasional streak of deep violet

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