Helping Friendly CBD Hemp Flower - Lifter

Lifter CBD flower from Helping Friendly Hemp Co. comes with a funky but sweet flavor coupled with hints of blueberry and lemon aroma. As seen through many online reviews, Lifter smokable hemp flower is popular for the gentle focus and energy provided when smoking, thus the reason for its name. By cultivating a combination of Silver Suave and Early Resin Bud, the dense buds of Lifter offer a funky aroma with a hint of fuel. Alongside that, and to make it even better, Helping Friendly Salve offers a very high in CBD content hemp flower that stands high above the rest. 

This product is available in both 4g and 8g 
Smokeable hemp flower
No mind altering affects - used for relaxation
Pre-Roll option for Helping Friendly hemp flower available HERE

CBD: 20.12%
Delta 9 THC: 0.2%
CBG: 0.98%
Funky, strong fuel

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